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Music sales in free fall

31 Dec

overall music sales during the Christmas shopping season were down an astounding 21% from last year. From the week of Thanksgiving up through the day before Christmas Eve, 83.9 million albums were sold, a decrease of 21.38 million from 2006’s 105.28 million.

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What’s up with Feedster?

28 Dec

Scott Rafer has been facebooking about new things ahead for Feedster.  What’s up Scott?

Dan Gillmor and Scott Rafer at We Media Event

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Drupal Developers Acquia Raise $7 Million

20 Dec

Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal and and an advisor to NowPublic has started up an interesting new venture.  Dries is an exceptional guy and this business will do well with him behind it.  Good luck Dries. 

Only a few days ago did Dries Buytaert, the Belgian developer behind Drupal, the open-source content management system, decide to launch a start-up to take parts of the effort commercial. Today, Acquia, the company formed to pusue that effort, has gathered together a $7 million first round investment. The round was led by North Bridge Venture Partners as well as Sigma Partners and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

Buytaert put Acquia together to be “a company that is to Drupal what Ubuntu or RedHat are to Linux. If we want Drupal to grow by at least a factor of 10, keeping Drupal a hobby project as it is today, and taking a regular programming job at a big Belgian bank is clearly not going to cut it.”

Drupal Conference – Amsterdam - Dries Buytaert Dries Buytaert, - Northern Voice 2006 Dries Buytaert - Northern Voice 2006

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Citizen Jorno video tops ’07 memorable quote list

19 Dec

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – “Don’t Tase Me, Bro,” a phrase that swept the nation after a U.S. college student used it seeking to stop campus police from throwing him out of a speech by Sen. John Kerry, was named on Wednesday as the most memorable quote of 2007.

The phrase ‘don’t tase me, bro’, was captured on video by an accidental bystander during a John Kerry rally.   We will continue to see participatory media gain in cultural influence as people have a greater ability to record events they witness.  This is just the beginning.

Dont Tase Me Bro

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Brand Swarming

17 Dec

In Ad Age’s yearly review of trends they’ve identified ‘Brand Swarming’. 

Marketers will move decidedly in the direction of DDB CEO Chuck Brymer’s “swarm theory” — the notion that people and their opinions coalesce to form critical forces that massively influence marketplace ideas and concepts. “Swarm theory” will elevate social networking to new levels, confirming the immense impact that consumers have on each another. Marketers that embrace this trend can form consumer brand “advocates” and drive brand loyalty and trust to new heights — if done responsibly.

Facebook has already dipped its toe in the water with Beacon with disastrous consequences.  Hopefully their next foray will be done less ham-fistedly.

14 million people interacted with Facebook Applications in August textbooks or facebook?

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Why Some Dolls Are Bad

14 Dec

As far as I know this is the first art application in Facebook. Quite an accomplishment given that there are over 100,000 people developing for FB:

I think utilizing Facebook to distribute (and generate) content in art is not only brilliant, but also extremely inclusive. In Why Some Dolls Are Bad, the viewer becomes a participant, charged with curating sequences of these frames into linear narratives. In many ways, interacting with the piece reflects the act of interfacing with user-driven social media. What is using Facebook but sorting through images and tagging nodes? We
create “collections” of contacts and everybody has an opportunity to reconfigure these networks into their own personal inventory of friends.

If you are a user of Facebook, and interested in exploring Why Some Dolls Are Bad you should visit the Facebook application page for the project or examine the dedicated project page for the piece. Why Some Dolls Are Bad was recently featured as an installation at the Interactive Futures 2007 conference in Victoria, British Columbia.

Be sure to check out Kate’s personal site as she is quite prolific!

The city's magnetic rhythm Why Some Dolls Are Bad

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Study: TV is Shrinking

13 Dec

This study focuses on Satellite services but TV will also face challenges from IP based TV like iTunes, YouTube and Veoh:

Satellite TV services and other subscription TV alternatives to wire cable continue to gain share. Wired cable penetration fell to 61.3 percent of all TV households from 62.1 percent a year ago, the lowest its been since Feb. 1990.

Reflections Thomas Haden Church gets interviewed

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