CES: Bigger or Smaller?

10 Jan

According to WaPo, CES is smaller than in the past:

Well, it’s the last day of CES 2008 and the show is still going strong. But the taxi lines heading to the airport are growing pretty quickly.

Last night I had a quick chat with Albert Lin, an analyst with American Technology Research and a CES veteran. This being my first time at the show, I was blown away by the number of little-known companies doing impressive things and the extravagance of the displays put on by the household names. But he said the show actually seemed a bit smaller than previous years. (Surprising: It seemed pretty darn huge to me.)

And yet according to CNet it’s bigger than ever:

I find myself agreeing with telecommunications analyst Jeffrey Kagan, who noted Wednesday that while CES is growing in size, it may be waning as a source of truly cutting-edge gadgets and ideas.

“I’m not sure how to say this kindly, but this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was pretty dull,” he said in a note to reporters. “It was big, in fact huge, and getting bigger every year…But there were no new ideas that have not been talked about to death already.”

I guess objective truth is in the eye of the beholder.

CES has jumped the shark CES has jumped the shark

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