Giuliani campaign grasping for straws

18 Jan

Rudy is gettiing desperate.  Check out his latest move:

Rudy has a new ad out. And this time he’s gone so far as to use actual 9/11 footage.

As you can imagine, at this point Rudy’s campaign has descended to become a sort of desperate 9/11 primal scream.

But the words of this ad really take Rudy’s 9/11 megalomania to a new level. Against video of the towers falling, discussing Rudy’s role in the 9/11 drama, the announcer intones …

“And when the world wavered, and history hesitated, he never did.”

Does it even require snark and commentary? The world wavered and only Rudy brought us through? Even history hesitated?

1420DSC_2205.jpg Rudy Walks in Shoes of an Illegal Immigrant Rudy Giuliani in Durham Rudy Giuliani in Concord National Disasters Play Well In Florida  Giulani at GOP Debate provided by Photo by Albert N. Milliron -

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