HTC Touch Diamond – First Take

6 May

I haven’t seen it in person yet but when HTC does something well they do it very well.  Hopefully this product stands the test of time.

HTC released their latest device today called the Touch Diamond and it’s looking like a very impressive device indeed. Boasting a 2.8″ VGA display (yep, that’s VGA) HTC is taking Windows Mobile to new heights. In addition, HTC is pairing the unit with the next generation of its TouchFlo interface, called TouchFLO 3D which is extremely nice. To make it competitive with that other touch screen phone out there, HTC built new browser tech, a YouTube app and added Google Maps as standard. The OS is Windows Mobile 6.1 but HTC has taken the OS to new places that Microsoft has not bothered with. Right now, the Diamond is going to European carriers in June and elsewhere in the world later in the quarter. US launch is planned for 2h of 08 , but I’d expect it to be here well before year end. I should have one here shortly, full review, coming soon.

TouchFLO 3D -- Weather TouchFLO 3D -- People TouchFLO 3D -- Photos and Videos HTC Touch Diamond TouchFLO 3D -- Music HTC Touch Diamond TouchFLO 3D HTC Touch Diamond Hands-on video! HTC Diamond HTC Touch Diamond official promo video

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