NDP to introduce ‘net neutrality’ private member’s bill

27 May

Congratulations to the NDP for understanding the importance of net neutrality in Canada.  One has to wonder what possible motivation the Liberals and Conservatives have for opposing something that is so clearly in the interests of all Canadians.  The government should be ashamed of their willful ignorance of this critical issue.

The federal New Democrats will introduce a private member’s bill on Wednesday that would entrench the principle of “net neutrality” and enact rules to keep the internet free from interference by service providers, an NDP MP told a rally Tuesday in Ottawa.

Charlie Angus said the bill would protect Canadian consumers from having their internet speeds “throttled” by service providers.

“You are citizens of the digital realm and you have rights,” he told about 300 protesters at the rally on Parliament Hill.

At issue in the net neutrality debate are the actions of big internet service producers (ISPs), such as Bell Canada Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc., that have been slowing down the internet speeds of customers using certain applications, such as peer-to-peer software used for file sharing.

Bell and Rogers, Canada’s two largest ISPs, as well as others including Videotron Ltee and Cogeco Inc. say they need to slow such traffic down — or “throttle” it — because a small percentage of customers are abusing these peer-to-peer applications and causing network congestion, affecting the speeds of the majority.

That practice has angered smaller ISPs, including rally organizer TekSavvy Solutions Inc. of Chatham, Ont., that have complained to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that Bell is being anti-competitive by expanding its throttling practices to its members.

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One Response to “NDP to introduce ‘net neutrality’ private member’s bill”

  1. thenonconformer May 30, 2008 at 11:49 am #

    Stop now today, the unacceptable, misleading Rogers, Bell, Videpotron ISP adds about having the fastest internet connection that do not mention the download cappings now too!!

    Rogers and Bell Sympatico has each announced super fast internet service, Everyone is misleading the customers in Canada, DSL and Cable ISP that they are providing the fastest internet speeds, but there is a catch, this is not their basic common services offered..

    but also that should be available from Rogers even only by the end of the year 2008. More bad news is that it won’t be cheap! Customers can expect to pay about $100 per month plus taxes in order to have the fastest internet connection on their block

    Bell and Rogers present adds are misleading about their speeds which are Not available in most parts of Canada firstly too

    Rogers Cable Communications today announced plans to launch an even faster internet service, which will offer customers the fastest residential service. rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Elite will provide a speed of up to 18 megabits per. Rogers Cable announced Elite high speed internet (HSI) service that it says will provide download speeds of up to 18 megabits per second. The company did not announce upload speeds.

    Bell Canada today announced the availability of Sympatico Optimax which promises maximum download speeds of 16 megabits per second (Mbps). Sympatico will offer two levels of service . A 10 Mbps service for $70 per month and a 16 Mps service for $100 per month. Both services will have a 75 GB bandwith cap. The company did not announce download speeds, however, it is expected to be the same as the Sympatico Optimax service in Montreal which has an upload speed of 1 Mbps.

    Do rightfully Make them all more honest, more transparent about the type of services, speeds they do offer now and where as well..

    Bell and Rogers throttles BitTorrent to hell and back. The only workaround is to use port 1720, which is a temporary solution only. Because Rogers throttles BitTorrent and other P2P, and they’re not gonna leave port 1720 unthrottled forever. cap your upload to 75-80% of your actual maximum (in KiB/s)

    Capping: The Criminal Code of Canada’s section 184.2.c.i-ii DOES NOT warrant them to do packet sniffing. It allows them to ONLY ‘sample’ traffic for quality reasons. You need to remember that these rules were drafted to stop people making their own wire taps on phone technology. What the statement is saying is that: If I am a phone tech I am allowed to connect to the line to check for hums/crackels/dead-service and then do my job to fix it. With Internet traffic you may not capture a person’s traffic unless a court order is issued to do so. The subject of traffic shaping is very different…They are looking into packet headers and making changes that are not a privacy issue…

    What you can do : Complain for a start to

    CRTC »www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/welcome.htm ,
    Competition Bureau »www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/epic···/en/Home ,
    News media
    Local MP’s, PM’s of all provinces:
    Honourable Jim Prentice CorrespondenceMinister@ic.gc.ca

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