Bin Laden’s Friends on Facebook

28 May

Apparently Bin Laden has 43 friends on Facebook.  Someone get on that!

Bin’s Profile

Verbal Jihadist

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One Response to “Bin Laden’s Friends on Facebook”

  1. nukemdomis aka Austin June 6, 2008 at 3:23 am #

     Mtippett, Check out the screen shots that I added to the story.  Every single Bin Laden profile displays the ‘no friends’ message. I even tried misspelling the name as Ladden, but all 25 of those profiles show the same ‘no friends’ message. Being somewhat curious I decided to see if Bin was on Twitter.  Since this is just a comment I’ll go ahead and leave you with this page that shows the amount of twitter messages containing Laden and the person sending the message. I like this story. It’s good stuff

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