Carbon Farming

1 Jun

This is a brilliant idea:

A decade ago, late 1990s, we engaged in the establishment of the urban agriculture industry. A visit to Google tomorrow will find 1,740,000 entries. It was then targeted at food security and building community. Since then we have added farming the city as an economic generator and as an element of Urban Greening.

The next step is to add carbon farming as a core or foundational element of this industry. Another turn of phrase, we are adding a core commodity to those we are familiar with such as vegetables, poultry, herbs, fruit and flowers.

The fourth IPCC report on climate change has convinced the world’s governments and corporations that our urban civilization needs urgently to reduce our generation of greenhouse gases. There is a plethora of responses already being applied.

Carbon farming is in its infancy. Basically it refers to establishing as a commodity carbon in the soil. The carbon farmer will be paid for each milliliter of carbon [CO2] taken from the air and placed in the soil. This may be a bit easier than raising raspberries. It will also be a bit more difficult to measure the product [it’s not by the quart].

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