Canada becoming cut off from world culture

2 Jun

I grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era.   During that time there was a cultural boycott of goods entering the country.  In other words, any cultural product that wasn’t produced in South Africa had a tough time reaching South Africans.   This helped to convince the white regime to share power with everyone but also meant that the country was culturally out of the mainstream for many years to come.  Now as a Canadian I am feeling a familiar kind of isolation as more and more content companies are not letting Canadians in.  The latest geo-fencer is Veoh who had this to say when I visited their site:

Sorry! The video you requested is not available for viewing in your country.

This follows the actions of companies like Pandora who offer brilliant music services to many other markets but are not able to get their product into Canada.  Canadians should be concerned about this.  As a country we cannot become victims of self imposed cultural apartheid.

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