America Has Spoken: In Google We Trust

23 Jun

For years the news business has built it’s solvency on the notion that people ‘trust’ conventional news brands.  But that trust is eroding fast.  According to the Pew Research Center:

The American public continues to fault news organizations for a number of perceived failures, with solid majorities criticizing them for political bias, inaccuracy and failing to acknowledge mistakes. But some of the harshest indictments of the press now come from the growing segment that relies on the internet as its main source for national and international news.

Distrust of the news is a problem if you’re in the news business but it’s an even bigger problem if there is a more trusted alternative.  Harris Interactive has just released a study of who people trust and coming in at number 5 is the news business’ worst nightmare…

NEW YORK ( — The most reputable company in America: Google, which toppled Microsoft from the top perch in the 2007 Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient study released today — and sent it tumbling all the way down to No. 10.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin New York Times

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