Google Tools Will Tell You If Your ISP Is Slowing Down Your Connection

24 Jun

I got frustrated tonight because I was trying to check out some hiking trails using Google Earth and the high res images weren’t loading like they usually do.  Ordinarily I would suspect it was just my wifi connection or some random event in the stratosphere that thwarted my efforts.  But with all the talk these days about net neutrality I thought I’d see if anyone was working on a tool to tell me if it was my ISP throttling me.   It turns out that Google is doing just that. 

Richard Whitt, says that they’re cooking up software that’ll tell you if your ISP is screwing with or slowing down your connection because you’re hogging too much bandwidth, and what exactly they’re doing to it.

I as a consumer, anxiously await its arrival. It’ll be interesting to see how this one shapes up.  The carriers need be careful because if they’re going to get into a fight with Google they’ll probably lose.  If I were them I’d just drop the whole thing and concentrate on trying to make money elsewhere.

Google wins Prince of Asturias award  for Comunicacion and Humanities.

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