Today’s revolutionaries are growing their own food

7 Jul

I never thought I would become interested in the old fashioned subject of agriculture but as I learn more about the costs of food logistics and the effects of industrial agriculture I am thinking more about the food I eat and where it comes from.  If you want a primer in the revolutionary topic of food production (how subversive!) then take a trip down to Strathcona next weekend.

The Strathcona & Cottonwood Community Gardens is hosting its annual Open House & Plant Sale Sunday. Located at the sunny S.W. corner of Prior & Hawks St. in Vancouver.

Featuring workshops with noted ‘Guerrilla Gardening’ author David Tracey there will also be a spectacular plant sale, live music, free snacks, kids activities, bee keeping demonstrations and sustainable urban gardening & environmental workshops.

Recipients of a City of Vancouver Heritage Award and home to the Environmental Youth Alliance, the 7 acre Gardens feature solar powered buildings, native wetlands, organic gardening, beehives, heritage orchards, and a host of other innovative green projects.

Admission to the Open House & Plant Sale is FREE!!!

Come and have a great time, learn lots, and help make a difference to your Community and your Garden!

Remember – ‘Feed the Community and it will Feed You’

For more information please contact Derek Hodge @ 604-253-5615 or via e mail ‘ + emailE + ‘

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