Google targets Bell in CRTC letter

8 Jul

God Bless America.  I don’t say that very often but thanks to good old American innovation and the companies it spawns, the shameful conduct of Bell Canada is now being questioned.  Google has put its considerable weight behind a complaint against the carrier for its recent traffic shaping practices.  In a battle for hearts and minds Google has the upper hand here.  Now its up to the CRTC to do the right thing.

Bell Canada – a division of Montreal-based BCE Inc. – has faced harsh criticism from CAIP and other proponents of the unwritten rule of “net neutrality” over its policies regarding the flow of content on its network. CAIP is alleging that Bell is illegally managing their subscribers’ traffic.

Net neutrality supporters argue that all Web traffic must be treated equally and that slowing down certain data is both undemocratic and illegal. Bell and other ISPs who shape traffic argue that if they didn’t employ such techniques, peer-to-peer file sharers would clog their networks, leading to slower speeds for all consumers.

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