NowPublic Buys Truemors

10 Jul

You may have read today’s news about our acquisition of Truemors. For those of you not familiar with the site it is the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki. Guy is a legend in Silicon Valley as a best selling author, VC and one of the early players at Apple — among other things. I’m a big fan of his and am psyched to have him join our team as the Chairman of our advisory group.

In addition to the wealth of Guy’s experience we are also picking up a great group of editors and Trumorists to add to our expanding pool of citizen editors. Welcome to Annie and the rest of the group. We will be working hard to get you all integrated into the NowPublic editorial team and I think you will all be a fantastic edition to our news gathering capabilities.

As you’d expect, an acquisition like this in such a crazed space (those were the words of Michael Arrington) there has been a great deal of press attention. The AFP picked up the story as well as most of the Valley tech media. We’re getting lots of emails and thanks to everyone for their good words.

So day one of the merger seems to be going well. But as with any new success there are sometimes some growing pains. NowPublic is weathering the traffic barrage well but truemors is having a tough time staying online. This has provided our tech team with a good opportunity to get to know the Truemors servers a little earlier than we had planned ☺ Rest assured, Truemors is in good hands and we’ll have it back on his feet in no time. Stay tuned!


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