Clean up our shorelines

5 Sep

Here’s a chance to have an impact on your local shoreline.  If you’ve got some time it’s a good cause.

In 2007, participants removed 87,489 kg of litter in one week.  In 2006, participants removed 84,708 kg of litter in one week.  In 2005, participants removed 83,286 kg in one week.  In 2004, just over 64,000 kg of litter was removed from our shorelines in only one week. 

Our planet is choking. We need to step in and help it breathe again.

The litter we remove each year is entirely the result of human activities and comes in all forms.  We remove plastic cutlery and straws, coffee cup lids and stir sticks.  We also remove barbecues, fishing line, styrofoam, buoys, shopping carts, paint cans, and ear plugs.  We’ve even removed cigarette butts by the bucket loads, loaded rifles, vehicles, and the odd engagement ring.

Our waterways are not dumping grounds, yet Canadians year in and year out keep using them for just that. 

The TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is the perfect opportunity for school groups, community groups, families, and concerned individuals to get involved in a hands-on conservation program. It provides a chance to be a part of an activity that has a real, measurable effect on the environment, both locally and globally. Cleanups are more than just collecting trash, they are examples of communities working together to create solutions that ensure our oceans and waterways are kept clean.

The Beginnings of Gustav Cartwheeling

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