America, your media is failing you

18 Sep

Don’t only blame Washington or Wall Street for this week’s historical financial meltdown.  The blame for this fiasco lies at the feet of the media too.  Have a look at the irresponsibility of MSNBC today as they mock Obama for being too specific in his prescriptions. 

Today’s edition of Morning Joe on MSNBC was especially ridiculous. And Pat Buchanan wasn’t even there, which meant that everyone else had to overcompensate to make up for the conspicuous absence of awful.

Back story: Senator Obama released a two-minute commercial about the economic crisis — also known as “the worst financial crisis in a century,” according Alan Greenspan and Mort Zuckerman. It’s a smart, effective ad that serves two purposes: it outlines what Obama plans to do about the crisis, and it continues to hammer home Senator Obama as a tough yet presidential would-be chief executive and steward of the economy.

Yet despite the seriousness of this crisis, Joe Scarborough (along with Wee Willie Geist and Salon’s Joan Walsh, oddly enough) mocked the ad for its lack of soundbytes and its abundance of specifics.

Lack. Of soundbytes.

Any illusion that the grown ups are in charge, that the media has your back, that you can depend on the fourth estate to protect your interests should be totally shattered by now.  These people should be ashamed of themselves.

Andrea Mitchell Attacked by GOP Balloons (Video) From Real Journalism to the Extreme Left

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