Americans go online to Demand the Debate

25 Sep

John McCain may not have time to debate the issues but an online movement demanding he make time is building serious momentum.  Their website says:

Americans are facing tough choices – how to pay bills, how to deal with mortgages, how to afford a tank of gas, and who to vote for on November 4th. While about many of us are clear who we will vote for, anothers will base their decisions on what they hear from the candidates in the debates. We have a long tradition of hearing those who are asking for our vote offer up their ideas and plans on a public stage. It’s critical to hear the candidates debate one another on the pressing and real issues facing families across America. That’s what democracy is all about.

Join us in sending a message to the people who will be making important decisions about the upcoming debates — the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Obama campaign, and the McCain campaign. Demand the debate!

Three Quick Howlers from John McCain

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