Art supporters to wear black to mourn dying arts funding in Canada

26 Sep

The dummies up in Ottawa are running this country like it’s a photocopy shop.   It’s like they see art in the same way they see toner – simply as a cost.

Here’s the way I see it.  A country is not a company.  It stands for more than cost efficiency.  The great countries have many things including great art.  One of the choices Canadians will be making when they vote this year is whether we as a country want to support Canadian culture or not.  In my view, the cost is small and the upside is priceless.  Here is what you can do if you agree.

The arts lie at the base of culture and culture is what defines a nation. We are asking for additional artistic programs in our schools, more money for the arts in our communities and additional funds for our independant producers. It is time for our leaders to hear our message, take their responsibilites and act accordingly.

On October 10th, 2008, wherever you may be, wear black and take a stand for the arts.

Graffiti - São Paulo - Brazil Crude Graffiti - São Paulo - Brazil Degas dancer Frans Hals, Laughing Cavalier DAMIEN HIRST BUTTERFLIES @ ART HK 08 Damien Hirst Damien Hirst at Lever House Damien Hirst Sale at Sotheby's London Met., New York Goldsmiths students unveil art at Heathrow airport's Terminal 5 Warhol soup cans Royal Scottish Academy 1 IMG_4846.JPG DJs at Silent Disco, Edinburgh Silent Disco, Edinburgh Andy Warhol Jeff Koons, king of neo-pop and Louis XIV in Versailles Jeff Koons, king of neo-pop and Louis XIV in Versailles

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