Tales from the Near Future: Mike Walsh

8 Oct
  • I’m in Copenhagen for New Media Days listening to Mike Walsh.  Here are my notes as he delivers his presentation.
  • Predictions about the future assume our attitudes stay the same.
  • The future often comes out of nowhere.
  • The low res revolution is happening on Youtube.
  • Behavioural change is important.
  • The new network is the ‘audience network’.
  1. Social
  2. Play
  3. Anywhere
  4. Where Overlay
  5. Viral
  6. Avatar
  7. Free
  • Asia has a young population with a healthy disrespect for copyright.
  • Kaixinoo1 is one of the most popular social networks in China.
  • Parking wars and friend slaves are popular games in these social networks.
  • Audience networks are stealing authority from the old networks.
  • The Arctic Monkeys were discovered on Myspace.
  • Mouse loves rice became a hit in Asia with over 200 million downloads.  It was discovered and disseminated by kids.
  • Xiao Pang became famous through photoshop.
  • Gaming is beyond just the game.
  • Internet addiction camps are becoming popular in Asia.
  • People are watching high res streaming video on their phones through tuners built into the device.
  • Barcodes are appearing on tombstones which can trigger media when you take a picture of it.
  • Mobile phones have displaced location from calls.  But GPS reverses that.
  • Louis Vuitton has a sound walk that plays geolocated narration via your phone.
  • Overlay = Augmented reality experience
  • Denno Coil is an example
  • Super distribution drives internet superstars
  • The 50 cent party is a group of propaganda bloggers.
  • QQ world has 200 million users in China.
  • in Mobagetown you can’t use your real name or refer to your real name.  You have a second virtual life played out on your mobile phone.
  • Mediajacking is big.
  • Immediacy is driving consumption.

Mike Walsh Mike Walsh

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