Digital boom is about to hit the workplace

3 Nov

Net Gen-ers watch less television than their parents do and they watch it differently.

A Net Gen-er is more likely to turn on the computer and interact in several different windows, talk on the telephone, listen to music, do homework, read a magazine and watch television. TV has become like background Muzak for them. It’s a deeply interactive experience. Net Gen-ers are active initiators, collaborators, readers, organizers, writers, authenticators and even strategists, as in the case of video games. They do not just observe; they participate. They inquire, discuss, argue, play, shop, critique, investigate, ridicule, fantasize, seek and inform.

I am in Ottawa speaking at the Canadian Association of Broadcasters annual convention and this piece is a perfect reflection of the message I have been putting out for the last 2 years.  Don Tapscott is absolutely right about the impact that the new generation of media consumers.  They will change the world – starting on Tuesday.

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