Throttled Bell Competitors Still Waiting On CRTC Ruling – October comes and goes with no ruling by regulators…

3 Nov

Earlier this year, Bell Canada began throttling the traffic of wholesale competitors before delivering it to them, and without telling them. While Bell claimed the move was to handle congestion, follow up inquiries showed little to no congestion — leading to the assumption that Bell simply didn’t want any competitors offering DSL service that was superior to their own, throttled Sympatico service. Canadian regulators CRTC originally promised to make a ruling by the end of October, but users in our Canadian forums are still waiting. The CRTC says the debate is a complicated issue, and they hope to make a ruling sometime in November.

The CRTC needs to act quickly here.  Throttling represents a threat to Canada’s competitiveness in media. 

20071014_4708.jpg nextMEDIA 2007, Banff - Net Neutrality

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