Media Advisory: CRTC to Make Landmark Decision on Internet Freedom

20 Nov

Anyone who uses the Internet (this means you) should pay attention to this.   This ruling will have implications for all Canadian media consumers, media companies and Canadian culture.

Media Advisory: CRTC to Make Landmark Decision on Internet Freedom

Decision to define Canada’s digital path

According to the CBC, after twice delaying the ruling, the CRTC will make a landmark decision on the Bell Throttling case by 9 a.m. tomorrow. The decision will determine whether Bell Canada has violated the Telecommunications Act by slowing down the Internet access it sells to wholesale customers.

Steve Anderson from coalition will be available for comment.

Steve said today, “This decision has huge implications for Internet service competition online innovation, consumer choice and free speech. The biggest battle over the Internet is yet to come, but this ruling will signal whether the CRTC is willing to take action to put Canada on a path that supports online innovation, and online choice. Otherwise the CRTC is abdicating its responsibility to Canadian people and putting us on a path towards a more closed Internet defined by the interests of big telecom companies.”

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