Canadian political fight now being waged on Facebook

2 Dec

The fight between the Tories and the opposition parties is being fought on all fronts including via facebook.  I personally have been invited to participate in groups from all ends of the spectrum.  At this point, it seems that the coalition forces are currently stronger than the Harper backers.  The STOP THE COUP DETAT!! group (their caps, not mine) currently has 140 members while the pro-coalition groups have over 7,000.

Here’s how the groups describe themselves:

STOP THE COUP DETAT!! – 140 Members

The three federal opposition parties in Canada have agreed on a coalition government to vote down and overthrow our current government.
No matter how you voted in the last election, you must see this is a bloodless coup.

The agreement was brokered by Jean Chretien and Ed Broadbent, two party elders who are currently not elected to the House of Commons.

The coalition would be headed by Stephane Dion, who agreed to step down as leader of the Liberal party of Canada, after their worst electoral defeat in over a century.
According to news reports, there would be 24 ministers in this government..18 Liberals 6 NDP..and anything they accomplish would require the backing of the seperatist Bloc Quebecois.

It’s an outrage!!!

If they want to form government, let them call for another election.
The people need to speak!!!!

We Want Canada to Have a Progressive Coalition Government – 701 Members

We have an opportunity to see events unfold this week that would be the most exciting developments in the history of government in Canada.

In response to troubling economic times the Harper government brought forward a budget plan that in fact could make things worse and does nothing to stimulate new economic opportunity. This plan would also remove safety nets, cap wages and undermine the fair funding model for political parties. Worst of all this plan is a direct attack on womens rights, workers rights and other ideologically driven regressive measures.

In response to this the Liberals and the NDP have decided they have had enough of the Harper governments bullying tactics and lack of vision. They have reached an agreement to vote against the Harper government and form a progressive coalition which with the support of the Bloc would bring the kind of change we need.

This would be the most positive, cooperative and forward thinking action in the history of Canada. The vote will happen on December 8th.

Please invite your friends to join this group as part of an effort to demonstrate public support for this progressive coalition.

Canadians for a Progressive Coalition – Coalition Progressiste Canadienne – 6,033 Members

In 2008 the majority of Canadians voted for a prosperous, fair, and green Canada. Over 60% of voters cast their ballots for parties with progressive platforms. Yet with only 37% of the votes the Conservatives behaved as though they had 100% of the power.

Canadians for a Progressive Coalition are asking the NDP and Liberals to form a coalition government with support from the Bloc Quebecois and counsel from the Greens.

The parties have agreed. The vote is on Dec. 8 and we can expect a massive counter-attack against the Canadian progressive coalition. We need to win the media struggle to show that Canadians support a coalition. We also need to show the MPs we support them.

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2 Responses to “Canadian political fight now being waged on Facebook”

  1. policana December 2, 2008 at 10:45 pm #

    Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov’t has 18,704 members

  2. mtippett December 2, 2008 at 11:00 pm #

    I just posted an update on the NowPublic story:

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