Harper as Hitler video becomes overnight web hit

8 Dec

If you haven’t seen it, this video is very funny.  Here is how the group that put it together describes their project.

Check out our wiki which is a resource for all to help understand and subvert the Harper Dictatorship. If you find the wiki awry or not to your liking, then please edit and add your version.
Parliament may be shutdown, but we’re still open for debate and analysis. And if you’re interested in the Liberal Leadership race, then check out this open forum.

Personally I have been shocked by Dion ineptitute but even more by Harper’s disrespect for our democracy.  As the Prime Minister, he has revealed a side of himself that I find alarming.  To suggest that the coalition is anything but fully lawful is irresponsibly dishonest.  And if you are having any doubts yourself I encourage you to read Michael Byer’s piece in the Tyee.  He reminds us that:

Canadians never vote directly for a “government.” Instead, we elect a member of Parliament in our local constituency. It is only after 308 individual MPs have been chosen that the process of forming a government begins.

The Constitution Act of 1867 doesn’t even mention the prime minister or political parties. MPs are everything.

How MPs organize themselves is entirely up to them. This is why two MPs are able to currently sit as independents; there could just as easily be 308 of them. Most MPs have organized themselves into groupings known as parties. This simplifies the process of forming government but doesn’t change the constitutional pre-eminence of individual MPs.

There is just one basic requirement: The government must at all times enjoy the confidence of the majority of MPs in the House of Commons.

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