Tweets and transformation: How social media is changing news

28 Jan


Chris Pirillo Show Mac OSX on his IBM thinkpad - Northern Voice 2006

Chris Pirillo Show Mac OSX on his IBM thinkpad – Northern Voice 2006

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If you’re going to Northern Voice in Vancouver next month you may want to check out a panel I’m on with some smart, local news people.  Here is the roster in case you were interested.

Panel topic

Established media organizations are struggling with the shift to social media on the internet. Social media represents an inherently different paradigm of communication from traditional mass media. It creates a many-to-many relationship and encourages participation, whereas the traditional media relationship is based on a one-to-many, producer-consumer model. This panel would examine how established media are seeking to incorporate social media into their work and discuss best practices for journalists.


Alfred Hermida is an award-winning online news pioneer, digital scholar and journalism educator. He came to Vancouver just over two years ago to join the faculty at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism where he leads the integrated journalism program. He is an authority on digital journalism, having been a founding news editor of During 16 years at the BBC, he worked in TV, radio and online, both in UK and the Middle East. His research looks at how the media is changing, with a focus on participatory journalism. He was one of the first BBC News bloggers and now blogs about journalism at

Kirk LaPointe is Managing Editor of The Vancouver Sun and an adjunct professor at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism. He has held the senior editorial roles at CTV News, The Hamilton Spectator and Southam News. He was the founding Executive Editor of National Post, a former Ottawa Bureau Chief and General News Editor at The Canadian Press, and host on CBC Newsworld.

Michael Tippett, a successful entrepreneur for almost two decades, is recognized an as international expert on emerging news models. In 2005, Tippett co-founded NowPublic. The company has been named one of the top five most useful new sites on the web by The Guardian and Time magazine named it one of the Top 50 Websites for 2007. In 1995, Tippett founded the WebPool Syndicate, one of Canada’s first Internet companies. After the success of the WebPool venture, Tippett travelled to the United States and worked for some of the largest web companies in North America, including and Outside of his role at NowPublic, Tippett is a member of the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism Advisory Board and is also a board member of CABINET, a Vancouver-based arts organization.


Gillian Shaw is the Digital Life writer at The Vancouver Sun. She writes for The Vancouver Sun and the Canwest News Service. A journalist in traditional media she is among those making the shift to the digital age and sharing the journey in print and online. She blogs at ; writes at and plays around on social media sites, several of which she keeps track of at

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