Executive Editor of WaPo signs off

30 Jan


Washington Post Gaza Protest-Photo-02

Washington Post Gaza Protest-Photo-02

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It is strange when world or industry news comes to you from your own Facebook feed but that is exactly what happened to day when I read:

Jim Brady is about to walk out of the building where he spent the most enjoyable professional years of his life. He’ll miss it a lot.

Brady’s departure has been in the works for some time but seeing this from his perspective gives it s a whole new dimension. 

Wikipedia summarizes Brady’s experience as follows:

James M. Brady, known as Jim Brady, is an American journalist and the Executive Editor of the washingtonpost.com since November 2004.

Brady was born in Queens, New York City and grew up in Huntington, New York. He graduated from the American University with a degree in journalism in 1989.

Brady began his career as a sportswriter at the Post in 1987 and has worked as a sports editor, managing news editor, and in other capacities, and was part of the launch of the Washingtonpost.com website in 1996.

He has also worked for America Online, UPI, Newsday and NBC Sports

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