What happens when the ad industry becomes nationalized?

9 Feb


Response to bad Under Siege opening

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Response to bad Under Siege opening

Ad Age is asking some interesting questions about the impact of the various bail outs currently supporting major portions of the US economy.

BATAVIA, Ohio (AdAge.com) — In the marketing and media industries, it’s widely believed that advertising, done right, is an investment in future business results. But the question today is whether the rest of the country can be persuaded to see it that way.

In the past week, advertising, in all its forms, has become a whipping boy for recipients of Troubled Asset Relief Program funds. The more than $300 billion in bailout bucks poured into automakers and financial institutions to keep them afloat has subjected their marketing efforts to unprecedented public scrutiny and criticism.

If you thought corporate boards were clueless about how to run a company, try the general public.  I shudder to think how this will play out.


Smokin' Facts

Smokin’ Facts

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