Gordon Campbell government decimates BC arts

18 Feb


Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery

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The BC Government clearly has the same level of sophistication as the Federal Government when it comes to understanding the value of the arts.  Last year the Feds systematically tried to stifle the arts nationally, particularly those who objected to their policies.  Today’s budget speech erased virtually all arts support from the Provincial Government.

Today’s B.C. government budget includes draconian cuts to the arts.

According to the estimates, which break down expenses on a ministry-by-ministry basis, provincial government arts funding will decline by nearly 40 percent in the coming fiscal year.

The idea that the arts don’t contribute to a region’s economic development is the completely false.  What makes a great city like London or New York?  What makes the California economy the same size as all of Canada?  Well, for starters these centers have great architecture, art galleries, film studios, media empires and other arts industries.  These attract talented people from all over the world who bring their international talents.  This is how you build culture.  A country or a province is not a photocopy shop where good management comes from squeezing a few dollars out of the toner bill.  Governments exist to create an environment that inspires and supports.   By cutting funding to the Arts the BC Government is exhibiting the same short sighted thinking as the Feds and the price we will all pay will be a more impoverished existence.

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