You are more than your pigeon hole

4 May


Google Is Getting "Smarter" !! | Photo 03

Google Is Getting "Smarter" !! | Photo 03

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According to Advertising Age, new research shows that the best way to predict media consumption is not demographics but personality.  It seems like an obvious statement but now research has confirmed it.   According to studies by Mindset Media, the profile of a typical internet user could be described like this:

Top web users rank high in openness, and to a smaller degree, those who rank high in bravado are top users, too. Those highly open people who favor the web are 153% more likely to always buy organic products and 104% more likely to drive a hybrid car.

Low-level consumers of the internet tend to rank high in dogmatism, and are described as socially conservative people who tend to look to a religious or moral authority for guidance. “People who are more liberal are more likely to have the internet as the most consumed media,” Ms. Welch said.

And then there is the typical TV consumer:

Dynamic people don’t watch TV. Neither do people who rank high in openness and leadership.

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