Is your supermarket ocean friendly?

22 May

I am finding myself increasingly unconfortable in the grocery store these days.  There was a time when I looked at the fully stocked shelves along every isle as a sign of prosperity and the efficiency of capitalism.  But these days I worry what I’m eating, how much plastic I’m buying and what kinds of chemicals I’m investing in.  Greenpeace has a report that looks at how supermarkets stack up in terms of their ocean friendliness.  The results for Canadian stores is not good.

“Our analysis shows that major supermarket chains are still part of the problem of destroying our oceans and destroying seafood,” said Beth Hunter, Greenpeace oceans campaign coordinator. “Some of the chains have taken steps in the right direction, but bigger strides are needed to ensure fish for the future. Supermarkets are selling our oceans and themselves out of stock.”

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