G20 Outrage: National Post Journalists jailed.

28 Jun

There are times when I honestly worry about the integrity of the Canadian system.  The conduct by security forces in Toronto this weekend has been a disgrace.  Here is what the National Post is reporting on the treatment of it’s own journalists:

“O’Connor: We were handcuffed. They emptied my wallet. I still don’t know what happened to some of our camera equipment. About six of us were put in a paddy wagon for at least 90 minutes. There was a lot of waiting. Then we were transferred to a large paddy wagon, more like a bus, with compartments and room for at least 40 people.

Gundlock: I have one of my cameras. One was dropped on the ground. Everyone in jail says they are innocent. But there were a lot of people who said they were picked up randomly. One guy, a computer engineer, said he was smoking a cigarette, taking a look at the security fence, when he was arrested by police. “How cool are you now,” the police told the man after they took him into custody.”

via G20: Post photographers spend night in detention centre | Posted Toronto | National Post.

If the point of the G20 has been to showcase Toronto and Canada to the world, then we have left the international community with a view of this nation that is shameful.  And for Canadian taxpayers, that international embarrassment has cost them a billion dollars.


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