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Ecomonday: A Summary

31 Aug

Ecomonday is the twitter community’s answer to ecological challenges.

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Ecomonday has evolved not only to recommend people to follow, but also recommending specific web-pages and blogs, as well as recommending eco-businesses.

I suggest you check Max Gladwell’s site to check for the Tweets containing the #ecomonday hashtag.  If you use Tweetdeck or a similar application, you may want to open a search column for the hashtag.

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We’re following the conversation on SCAN so you can see what themes emerge.

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Gnomedex report from PBS’ Mark Glaser

21 Aug


SCAN shows Gnomedex trending on Twitter

SCAN shows Gnomedex trending on Twitter

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I’ve been down to a few Gnomedexes in the last couple of years and they’re worth attending if you want to dig deep into emerging media and technology.  Mark Glaser is there and reports:

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SEATTLE — I am here attending the geekfest of geekfests called Gnomedex. Its name is a play on the old tech conference Comdex, which ironically doesn’t exist anymore. Coming here is a throwback to my time as a pure tech journalist going to conferences such as Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show. But what’s interesting is that even in the geekiest settings, and perhaps especially in the geekiest settings, social media has come to the fore.

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You can see the complete piece here or check out our Gnomedex SCAN.

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Aspen Institute hosts FOCAS 2009

18 Aug

I’m sorry to be missing this event.  Plenty of good conversation going on.

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he Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program, with Senior Sponsorship from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, present FOCAS 2009 August 16-19 on the theme Of the Press: Models for Preserving American Journalism.  The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism is collaborating in this Forum, and will present working models for sustainability of journalism in two contexts which will provide an opportunity to delve into specific ways that enterprise journalism can move forward in the digital age. Check out the agenda then join the conversation live at, courtesy of, a global news platform with a hyperlocal perspective.

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Banff shows off Interactive Screen 0.9

13 Aug

There are lots of interesting minds up in Banff right now attending Interactive Screen.  The conversation on Twitter is using the following hashtag: makers09.  We’ve set up a SCAN but here is how the New Media Institute describes the summit:

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Interactive Screen 0.9: The Makers is the 14th installment of the Banff New Media Institute’s acclaimed new media summit, where media makers from Canada and the world gather to reflect on the current state of new media and the shape of things to come. At the end of each summer, producers, investors, and policymakers convene with artists, technologists, and cultural researchers of diverse horizons in the majestic mountain setting of Banff.

Interactive Screen aims to stimulate the creation of emotionally powerful, creatively inspired, and economically viable new media in Canada and abroad. Part conference, part festival, part peer exchange, part creative workshop, Interactive Screen is always intensive. Over six days of work and play, workshop participants engage in constant dialogue and collaboration through various panels, workshops, and performances. Together, they delve into the creative, social, and business impacts of content, technologies, and networks. Participants invariably come away from the event with new projects and alliances, a refined set of skills, and a renewed faith in the cultural power of new media.

The theme of The Makers will explore the idea of a “society of makers”. This ties in to the “cultural object” — with a focus on those who “make culture”, not those who “own” it.

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