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Obama raising $ 1/2 Million / hour after S.C. win

28 Jan

That’s a lot of scratch…

A source inside the Obama campaign says the candidate’s web site has seen one of its best hours tonight, raising $525,000 in one hour. A senior aide inside the Obama campaign said the candidate’s site saw its “highest peak” tonight in both online donations and traffic, “bigger than after Iowa, bigger than after New Hampshire.”

Barack Obama 3 Barack Obama 6 Embarrassment Of Riches vs. Riches Of Embarrassment :: MAXINE Kerry endorses Obama

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Shell: Peak oil in 7 years

28 Jan

Shell is calling peak oil will begin in 2015.  Will the days of cheap, easy motoring be over so soon or will we just go nuclear?  Neither scenario bodes well for a world that seems unable to stop consuming.

World demand for oil and gas will outstrip supply within seven years, according to Royal Dutch Shell.

The oil multinational is predicting that conventional supplies will not keep pace with soaring population growth and the rapid pace of economic development.

Jeroen van der Veer, Shell’s chief executive, said in an e-mail to the company’s staff this week that output of conventional oil and gas was close to peaking. He wrote: “Shell estimates that after 2015 supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand.”

Price of gasolines 200708_26_04 - 96.9¢/L IMG_8669 On the Run 20070831_074624 1D3_05360 Shell station Patriot Gasoline, Eureka Gasoline savior waiting to serve Gas prices Aug 2007, Arlington, VA Out of Gas Early Morning Gasoline Gas price not at BJs Pump 4 (365.124) Exxon Western gasoline brands Car Hacker’s Hummer Gets 60 MPG 50 MPG+ And Cleaner Than Gasoline: Where Are The ‘Clean-Diesels’?

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Yahoo layoff rumors

22 Jan

Will we see the resurgence of the pink-slip parties of the late 90’s?

The exact number of jobs cuts being planned was not given. The reports, citing unnamed sources, said the reductions could number “hundreds of workers.” Yahoo currently has about 14,000 employees.

A representative for the company could not be immediately reached for comment.

Shares of Yahoo were trading down 2% after Tuesday’s opening bell following a sharp selloff across the tech sector. Google shares were down 2.7%.

Google, Yahoo top online brands Yahoo! Japan billboard

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Jim Kunstler in Vancouver tonight

21 Jan

Jim Kunstler, creator of clusterfucknation and prophet of peak oil driven doom is at SFU tonight.  If you can, you should give him a listen.  Here is a sampling of his latest blog entry:

George W. Bush, tried to appease the beast by offering each American adult the dollar equivalent of half a month’s mortgage payment — with the exhortation to drive forthwith to the nearest WalMart and blow it on salad shooters and plasma TV’s — but Hooverzilla just laughed at the offering and pounded the equity markets further into the dust of loss, while the “bank-like” guardians of wealth lay in the drainage ditches bleeding from their ears and eyes.

My favorite moment was seeing Treasury Secretary Paulson and one of his fellow shaved-head deputies at a press conference rostrum frantically trying to calm the news media rabble like a couple of extraplanetary high priests from a Star Trek episode — the batteries having run down in their laser wands, and their incantations (“liquidity! liquidity!) veering into mystifying glossolalia.

I resort to such admitted extreme hyperbole because it may be the only language that an infotainment-drunk society can still process in the face of an epochal calamity that will transform the lush terms of everyday life as we’ve known it into something like a bleak surrealist landscape in the manner of Tanguy. That crashing sound out there is the armature of confidence needed to support an economy based on faith that borrowed money will be paid back. It’s as simple as that. (Doesn’t seem so exciting now, does it?)

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Photos Show HTC Touch Heading to Verizon

19 Jan

A user on HowardForums was able to capture some pictures of Verizon’s HTC Touch variant and leaked them out onto the net. Just posted yesterday are some pictures of the unannounced White HTC Touch for Verizon Wireless. As stated by an HTC representative, it is due out in March under the Verizon Wireless Brand as the XV6900. Details are sparse if any but we can guess that it’s not going to be that much different from Sprint’s HTC Touch variant.

For more pictures click on link below.

HowardForums Original Post

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Giuliani campaign grasping for straws

18 Jan

Rudy is gettiing desperate.  Check out his latest move:

Rudy has a new ad out. And this time he’s gone so far as to use actual 9/11 footage.

As you can imagine, at this point Rudy’s campaign has descended to become a sort of desperate 9/11 primal scream.

But the words of this ad really take Rudy’s 9/11 megalomania to a new level. Against video of the towers falling, discussing Rudy’s role in the 9/11 drama, the announcer intones …

“And when the world wavered, and history hesitated, he never did.”

Does it even require snark and commentary? The world wavered and only Rudy brought us through? Even history hesitated?

1420DSC_2205.jpg Rudy Walks in Shoes of an Illegal Immigrant Rudy Giuliani in Durham Rudy Giuliani in Concord National Disasters Play Well In Florida  Giulani at GOP Debate provided by Photo by Albert N. Milliron -

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BrightSpark: Venture Capital is not what it used to be, we are changing

17 Jan

A lot of us like to speculate on the state of Venture Capital in Canada; we all have a vested interest in the existence of a healthy and competitive market. For BrightSpark, the truth has been much more obvious.

BrightSpark, with over $100 million under management, raised its first fund in 1999 and its second fund in 2004. Co-Founded by Tony Davis and Mark Skapinker, the fund positioned itself as a “seed and early-stage software venture fund” for the Canadian market with offices in Montreal and Toronto. They have been active even recently with great deals like NowPublic, b5Media and MobiVox, 9 recent investments, and a few more to make in their second fund.

The BrightSpark team, a bunch of experienced entrepreneurs, was (and is) perfectly suited for the job we have been asking VCs to take on here in Canada: early stage financing with heavy duty support capabilities. It should have been a perfect combination, and one would hope that they could have done quite well in the last few years with the resurgent tech bubble.

The Road Ahead for Canadian Venture Capital

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